Lots of little improvements

Now that we've had some time away from the pressures of Ludum Dare, we've made a bunch of changes to make the game more fun and enjoyable. For example:

  • Now there's a pause screen where you can change the volumes of music and sound effects
  • High score + saving!
  • The breakout mechanics are a bit more fun
  • The ball no longer freaks out QUITE as much
  • Pieces are colored and shuffled correctly per the Tetris™ standard

Of course the jam versions are still downloadable from the game page!


Post-jam webGL version Play in browser
Version 1 Apr 30, 2018
Post-jam Windows version 21 MB
Version 1 Apr 30, 2018
Post-jam macOS version 28 MB
Version 1 Apr 30, 2018

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