I make a lot of music for things. Some of it ends up being used, some of it doesn't. Much of it deserves to be heard anyway.

Some of the things that this music was originally made for:

  • Deck of Desire, an extremely adult-oriented deck-building game
  • Full Course, a canceled visual novel about cooking and mental health
  • Magnolia's Early Morning Walk, a work-in-progress meditation on life
  • The Trans Academy on VRChat, a non-profit organization that provides a safe educational space for gender-diverse people
  • Spooky Sushi, a virtual reality game jam prototype
  • Other games that never got off the drawing board

This album has detailed liner notes, which you can access by clicking the "info" links on every song in the embedded player above.

Are you interested in having music like this in your project? Drop me a line, or see my commissions page.


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