For the 2022 edition of Novembeat, I made looping background music for people to use in game jam games. My goal was to make one looping soundtrack every day of the month, that people can use in their own jam games! Or any other game on, really. I didn't quite reach the goal of 30 tracks, but I came darned close.


This song collection comes in two variants, "BGM" (background music loops) and "OST" (a playable album).

The version you see embedded on the page is the "OST" version. It is downloadable in a number of formats, suitable for putting into your music player of choice.

The "BGM" version is available in .flac, and .ogg. There is no .mp3 version, because MP3 does not work with seamless looping. If you need .wav for some reason I recommend downloading the .flac version and converting it manually; however, most game engines these days support .ogg.

If you want to hear a preview of how the BGM looping versions, uh, loop, this asset pack happens to be what I use for the demo of my looping player component for Unity.


The OST versions of the songs are released under the Creative Commons by-nc-sa license; this means that you can use them without permission from me as long as you credit me, don't charge money for them, and that you put your game (or video or whatever else) under the same license. It would be appreciated if you let me know that you're using it, but not required.

The BGM versions are a bit more permissive, and are under by-nc. This means that if you're using the loops in your non-commercial game, all you have to do is credit me! (But, again, it would be appreciated if you let me know you're using them!)

However! Creative Commons licenses are non-exclusive and are just a default grant. In particular, if you want to use these songs in a commercial project, just get in touch with me via and we can work something else out.


All music composed and produced by j. "fluffy" shagam.

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