Some more minor improvements

In addition to some more Android-specific optimizations (as well as micro-optimizing the "jitter" routine even more), I also fixed a longstanding bug with how texture coordinates were being generated, which finally fixes some graphical glitches that happen on lower-end GPUs (especially on mobile devices). It seems to now finally do everything correctly, and as a bonus I can now adjust the intensity of the "smear" effect that happens in one particular state (which was originally just a happy accident).

One might thing I'm trying to put together a proper Android package, or something.


LÖVE bundle version 1 MB
Version 46 63 days ago
macOS, x86-64 13 MB
Version 40 63 days ago
Windows, x86-64 4 MB
Version 37 63 days ago
Windows, x86-32 4 MB
Version 39 63 days ago

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