Android build is a go!

If you have a reasonably recent Android device, feel free to try out the Android version of Colorful Critter! I've only tested it on a handful of higher-spec devices but it seems to all work fine.

Making the Android build turned out to not be all that difficult, although because of how the Android LÖVE toolchain is put together it required some annoying submodule-related stuff to happen. (To be fair, this is primarily a problem with how Android apps work.)

This procedure might be helpful for others if they want to go down a similar path:

  1. Fork the Android port of LÖVE as a separate Android build support target
  2. Fixed a few things in said port to work with the current Android toolchain
  3. Add the Android build support target as a submodule of the main app
  4. Add a new, properly-namespaced activity that inherits from GameActivity
  5. Add my app icons (I used a silly automated process for that)
  6. Modify the AndroidManifest.xml appropriately
  7. Set up some annoying build rules which automatically build the .love file, move it into the Android asset directory, build the Android project, and copy the .apk to where it needs to go (also ensuring that the submodule is up-to-date)

And now I can build the Android package from my main project, without having to manually update a bunch of stuff! Oh, and builds from Android Studio also work, although that doesn't update the .love file (I can run make android-bundle for that to happen if necessary)

I would have preferred an approach where I could simply reference the love-android project as a build dependency and pull it in as a library, but this was easy enough to do, and updating from upstream isn't too difficult, should that need ever arise.


Android 5 MB
Version 2 Sep 20, 2017
macOS, x86-64 18 MB
Version 42 Sep 20, 2017
Windows, x86-64 5 MB
Version 39 Sep 20, 2017
Windows, x86-32 5 MB
Version 41 Sep 20, 2017
Technical whitepaper (boring) 8 MB
Version 8 Sep 19, 2017
LÖVE bundle version 1 MB
Version 48 Sep 20, 2017

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Yay, I can finally try out your game. Just... not right now, okay? In a few days.

Does "reasonably recent" include 4.0.1? Or at least 4.4?


It runs on my ancient Galaxy Tab although it doesn’t run particularly well. It mostly comes down to what GPU is in it. I don’t think it’s dependent on OS version at all. 

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The game turns out to run just fine on my old tablet with a single-core 1GHz CPU and Android 4.0.1 (though admittedly 1G of RAM). Dunno what GPU it has. Haven't played enough to estimate battery consumption, but it doesn't give any signs of stressing the hardware. Good work!

great! What frame rate would you estimate it runs at? Is it silky smooth or choppy?

I'm not good at estimating framerates, but maybe like 35 or so? It does seem just a little bit choppy at times, but for the most part plays well.

Ah, nice. The game behaves a lot better if it can reach 60fps but that's more a problem with my update loop that I haven't gotten around to fixing.