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Recent updates

I neglected to check two things when I did the LÖVE 11 update: that all the game states worked that the color generator worked correctly Both things have now b...
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Updated to LÖVE 11.2, Linux version released
It's been a while since I've touched this game. I haven't really done anything to it just now aside from updating it to work with LÖVE 11, so that I could rele...
6 files —
Android build is a go!
If you have a reasonably recent Android device, feel free to try out the Android version of Colorful Critter! I've only tested it on a handful of higher-spec de...
6 files
Some more minor improvements
In addition to some more Android-specific optimizations (as well as micro-optimizing the "jitter" routine even more), I also fixed a longstanding bug with how t...
4 files
Major performance improvements
When I last worked on this game back in February (was it really that long ago?), I was very new to LÖVE and Lua (in fact, this was my first project ever to use...
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