About the Game


In 2015 I released an album, entitled Refactor. Several of the tracks started out as OSTs for aborted game projects, and most of the others were inspired by my love of video game music in general. I wanted to make some music videos for the songs to pay homage to the games that inspired them

In 2017 I quit my job to go indie, and figured that I should make a bunch of small, simple games while I figured out what I wanted to be doing long-term.

These separate ideas were refactored into a single one.

Early Access

Because this game will be in development for quite some time, I am providing early access to the game as I work on it. As I push new builds fairly frequently, the best way to play is via the itch.io app.

Since many of the tracks are produced for game jams, I will always have a freely-downloadable version for any current jam that the game is submitted for so that other participants may evaluate the jam submission.

If you want to give feedback about the game so far, feel free to use the comment section here on itch, or come find me on Discord!

(Note: I kind of lost steam on the game part of things and haven't worked on it in a while. Sorry about that.)

About the Album

Track listing

  1. Little Bouncing Ball: done-ish (Games Made Quick 1½)
  2. Strangers: done-ish
  3. Sliced by a Mandolin
  4. Deer Drinking from the Catacomb Stream
  5. Road to Nowhere
  6. Silica
  7. Flight: done-ish (Games Made Quick 2Finally Finish Something 2018)
  8. And Counting
  9. Roundsabout
  10. Soliloquy
  11. Circle
  12. Feed
  13. Adding up to nothing


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