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An album of games [WORK IN PROGRESS] · By fluffy


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Updated to LÖVE 11.3
I haven't actually worked on this game in a while but now that macOS Catalina is here I figured it was prudent to update the build so that it would, you know, w...
5 files —
Updated to LÖVE 11.2
This probably doesn't matter to anyone but I've updated the build to use the latest version of LÖVE, which should hopefully fix some of the problems with runni...
10 files —,
Tiny perf improvements, graphical tweaks
Just a little more performance work and a little tiny bit of visual polish while getting ready for SIX this coming weekend. Main things: Little Bouncing Ball's...
10 files —
Performance improvements in Little Bouncing Ball
I finally did something I'd been meaning to do for quite some time: I replaced the naïve collision check in Little Bouncing Ball with one that uses a quadtree...
10 files —,
Some small updates from user feedback
I got a nice thorough round of user testing, which is such a great and useful experience! A lot of the feedback was very helpful and I've pushed a new build tha...
10 files —
High-DPI support is back
Restoring high-DPI support was really easy. As is the case with most of the LÖVE 11 changes, this made it so I could get rid of most of my DPI management stuff...
4 files —
Take it to (LÖVE) 11
Have you ever heard the expression "ripping off the Band-Aid?" So, Refactor is written using LÖVE , which is a wonderful little game-development framework. LÖ...
4 files —
New monk design
After some feedback at ECCC and some good conversations with folks regarding the feedback, I decided to redesign the monk in Flight. Here's the new design. Ther...
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