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An album of games [WORK IN PROGRESS] · By fluffy


Recent updates

Tiny perf improvements, graphical tweaks
Just a little more performance work and a little tiny bit of visual polish while getting ready for SIX this coming weekend. Main things: Little Bouncing Ball's...
10 files —
Performance improvements in Little Bouncing Ball
I finally did something I'd been meaning to do for quite some time: I replaced the naïve collision check in Little Bouncing Ball with one that uses a quadtree...
10 files —,
Some small updates from user feedback
I got a nice thorough round of user testing, which is such a great and useful experience! A lot of the feedback was very helpful and I've pushed a new build tha...
10 files —
High-DPI support is back
Restoring high-DPI support was really easy. As is the case with most of the LÖVE 11 changes, this made it so I could get rid of most of my DPI management stuff...
4 files —
Take it to (LÖVE) 11
Have you ever heard the expression "ripping off the Band-Aid?" So, Refactor is written using LÖVE , which is a wonderful little game-development framework. LÖ...
4 files —
New monk design
After some feedback at ECCC and some good conversations with folks regarding the feedback, I decided to redesign the monk in Flight. Here's the new design. Ther...
8 files —
Bug fix with config stuff
There was a silly bug with how I was handling the game version number; for the purpose of future bug-related analytics I decided to also put the last version ru...
8 files —
Lots of little UI tweaks
Okay, wow, it's been a while since my last devlog. Part of that is because I've been really busy with non-Refactor things , or with non-game parts of Refactor...
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