Bug fix with config stuff

There was a silly bug with how I was handling the game version number; for the purpose of future bug-related analytics I decided to also put the last version run into the config file, but unfortunately there was a newline in said version number, and I'm not currently serializing newlines correctly - so as a result, at startup the game (rightfully) sees the config file as corrupted, and resets all the settings.

This of course became obvious when doing my setup at ECCC!

Anyway, I've fixed that, with a big ol' "oops." It probably didn't affect anyone except to make their resolution settings disappear, but I just thought I'd mention that there has, in fact, been a bug fix.

(In the future I will probably move the config file from a serialized Lua table into YAML or something, but this is such a minor concern that I don't really GAF, as the kids say.)

Oh! And speaking of ECCC, it's gone pretty well so far! I've gotten a lot of great player feedback and I'm also happy about how many people are interested in the concept of a game album. And one kid had a lot of great advice for how I can monetize the game with in-app purchases and loot crates!

(Sadly, I have no plans for IAP of any kind. But I appreciate your enthusiasm!)

That does make me wonder, though, if it would make sense to release the game in the form of "singles" as well as the whole album. It's something to think about. I mean, not by very much, mind you, but still, it's something to think about.

Oh also on the Strawberry Jam discord I mentioned a song I'd composed in 1997 and someone else said she was born in 1997 and now I feel very, very old.

Anyway, on the off chance that you are reading this and are in Seattle for ECCC and haven't already come to see the game, my last showing will be tonight (Saturday) from 8 PM - 11 PM as part of ECCC's "After Dark" programming. Come on over and say hi - I suspect it'll be a room of very lonely game developers desperately wanting anyone to talk to!


macOS, x86 64-bit 43 MB
Version Mar 03, 2018
macOS, x86 64-bit (current single) 26 MB
Version Mar 03, 2018
Windows, x86 64-bit 30 MB
Version Mar 03, 2018
Windows, x86 64-bit (current single) 13 MB
Version Mar 03, 2018
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Version Mar 03, 2018
Windows, x86 32-bit (current single) 12 MB
Version Mar 03, 2018
LÖVE bundle 26 MB
Version Mar 03, 2018
LÖVE bundle (current single) 9 MB
Version Mar 03, 2018

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