Flight is done

I could add a few more faces to the second sprite sheet but for all intents and purposes, Flight is now complete.

Next up: I'm going to make some changes to the Strangers dialog system to hopefully fix the various problems with conversation pathing.

Aside from adding a whole bunch of faces (there's 40 now!) here's the other changes since the last devlog build:

  • Physics updates
  • Level generator updates (now it responds to the part of the song you're in)
  • Improved the Monk's control scheme a little
  • Many build improvements
  • If the player somehow manages to run out of faces it'll recycle them for a second go-around


macOS, x86 64-bit 43 MB
Version Jan 23, 2018
Windows, x86 64-bit 30 MB
Version Jan 23, 2018
Windows, x86 32-bit 30 MB
Version Jan 23, 2018
LÖVE bundle 26 MB
Version Jan 23, 2018

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