Our first alien: meet the Randomizer

You might notice that build versions are now a string of seemingly-random hex characters. This is because at least for now I've switched to using the git shorthash to version my builds, which makes it easier for me to keep track of what happened between them.

In this build, we get the first taste of an enemy; it's called the Randomizer. On every beat it fires off a randomly-colored bullet that has a random status effect on your paddle. It might make you big or small, or fat or skinny, or slow or fast, or any number of other things. Fortunately, status effects clear after every song segment - but the bullets don't!

The visual design on it isn't final (I want it to look way glitchier) but there's already a fun easter egg with its presentation (or really a side-effect of my laziness which manifests in something neat).


macOS, x86 64-bit 43 MB
Version a3ca3d2 Jul 06, 2017
Windows, x86 64-bit 30 MB
Version a3ca3d2 Jul 06, 2017
Windows, x86 32-bit 30 MB
Version a3ca3d2 Jul 06, 2017
LÖVE bundle (requires LÖVE 0.10.2) 26 MB
Version a3ca3d2 Jul 06, 2017

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