Some more changes

I have now disabled vsync by default, because for some reason LÖVE has decided to cap my framerate to 30 FPS on my desktop despite vsyncless rendering going at 200+ FPS. This is yet another thing that I'll want to have in the settings screen, when I get around to making a settings screen.

In doing so I also discovered that ROAMING EYE's physics were assuming a certain framerate. Oops! That's been fixed. I've also made the water effect degrade more gracefully while doing this as well.

Also I redid the input stuff so now joysticks and gamepads and so on are supported. I've only tested it on my Steam controller, which works great; you can switch back and forth between stick and d-pad and keyboard and so on and everything's fine. I'm designing all of the games in Refactor to be single-player and only use a d-pad/stick and at most a single button, so I'm able to keep this stuff relatively simple. At some point I'll also add touchscreen support, which should be mostly straightforward, although some of the games (Strangers, in particular) would work better with 1:1 touch controls, so I'll have to make it so that games can opt to get raw touch events instead of a virtual stick. Not a high priority for me anyway.

For a while I was experimenting with making ROAMING EYE's AI a little smarter so it would try not to spawn/move to where there's a lot of balls, but that was more annoying than I felt like dealing with so instead I changed the ball spawns around. Now you get an extra reward for keeping more balls in flight, I guess (and given that ROAMING EYE spawns bullets that turn into balls this hopefully makes the gameplay a bit more strategic anyway).

I keep meaning to not spend all my waking hours working on this game now that the jam is over, but the siren song of game development is tugging at me too hard. Come on, game, I have other things to work on! And other tracks to work on! And there's a bunch of annoying stuff I have to do before I can work on the other games (like making a main menu system) and just, ugh ugh ugh


macOS, x86 64-bit 43 MB
Version 1586d1a Jul 12, 2017
Windows, x86 64-bit 30 MB
Version 1586d1a Jul 12, 2017
Windows, x86 32-bit 30 MB
Version 1586d1a Jul 12, 2017
LÖVE bundle (requires LÖVE 0.10.2) 26 MB
Version 1586d1a Jul 12, 2017

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