Track 2: Strangers

I'm finally starting on Track 2, "Strangers." It's in the form of an RPG cut scene with a dialog tree, and there will eventually be a couple of minigames that might or might not show up depending on how the dialog path goes.

Anyway, aside from the really, really crude mockup graphics above, you can also see my working text and dialog boxes. Whee.

They're just going to have the bare minimum of functionality (no scrolling, word wrapping is baked into the text, choices can only be a single line) because that's all that's needed by this game and none of the other games in the collection will have anything resembling this stuff.

It'll be a while before this track starts to show up in public builds though – I still need to build the main menu, and I don't want to start publishing track 2 until I've actually got a dialog tree in place at the very least!

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